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Harvest August of POT

Until 20th Aug 2019,the retrofitting work of 7900 TEU container vessel “AGAMEMNON” has been  carried out smoothly, now the retrofitting project comes to the final commissioning stage.


After the super typhoon Lekima, two vessels--180K Bulk Carrier “ERATO”& 70K Wooden Chip Carrier “SHANGHAI EXPRESS”commenced to deploy, and the retrofitting work has been carried out on schedule. 

While carrying out the planned retrofitting work of three vessels, POT is still having more than 10 sets of scrubber towers under production.

Due to the impact of high temperature and typhoon, POT made reasonable production arrangement and deeply exert the productivity in order to ensure production accuracy and timely delivery of each scrubber tower.

POT will always try to provide the customers with satisfied and qualified EGCS systems by collective endeavour, unification spirit and enthusiasm.

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